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September 23, 2007



I clicked on the link for pricing info & on the left side of that page where company links are posted... it says "SpaceCoastStampers" going to the SplitCoastStampers site.


Oh WOW! That is amazing! What fun - too bad it is in the height of my birthday season with the kids!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

What awesome news!!! Congrats to all of you! Sounds like a blast!

The side bar on the right cuts off the pic of the ship and some of the information, though, and I'm unable to read it.


Holy Smack this sounds like a dream come true... now to only convince my husband.....

Dawn E.

Wow! Amazing! What a fantastic idea!! I'd love to go!!!

Katie Skiff

That is my birthday!!!! What a better present!!!


Oh wow this sounds like great fun. Maybe I can find a way to swing both the price and the ability to get off of work! (How would you ever decide what to bring?!?!?!?)

BTW - on the registration page, I noticed that under passengers 3 & 4, down where you can purchase travel insures, it appears to be missing the radio button for the promenade insurance.


WOOOHOOO - now to convince hubby ;)

Lisa Carter

It is the day after my birthday, so Maybe I can talk hubby into it.
Is there a bored hubby program?


Does anyone know if there's a price break for our hubbies since they wouldn't be stamping?


Sounds like the trip of a lifetime for a stamp-a-holic......like me!!! I'm wondering the same thing though.....is there a discounted price for non-stamping guests??


I can't believe my husband said it's our chance to finally go on a cruise!! OH my goodness, he let me register...I didn't even think twice....wowowowowowo. I can't wait till we are Stampin At Sea.!!! Thanks so much for putting this together, you guys rock~


This sounds great. Will you please post a list of items that we would need to bring with us for the stamping events? I'm putting a full court press on a couple of people to go with me so I can book it!

Alexandra Hobson

Okay, I am rounding up a posse to go with - is it a bad thing that I want to go with girlfriends??? We are already doing a family trip.....


Just booked my balcony room with my sil. and now my sis wants to come too! this is so great! can't wait to meet you all!


I was wondering if there is a yahoo group started for this cruise?


There is now a Yahoo group for those of us who are going on this trip! To sign up, go to Yahoo groups - the group name is Stamp and Cruise 2008. Request membership and the moderator will approve and you're in. It will be fun to get to know one another before the cruise and share tips and ideas! Can't wait to hear from y'all!

Sherry Allen

It may be too soon to ask, but are you planning another cruise for 2009? I would love to go!

Thanks so much!



Sherry asked my question too. I can't go in 2008, but I'd like to plan ahead to next year. It sounds like so-o-o much fun!

Sharyn Davis

Me too! I can't go this year, but would love to plan on going next year. Wish I could figure out the pricing......will continue to search.

All of you, have fun and don't get burned!

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