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September 19, 2008


Lisa K

so so pretty! can't wait to see all of our goodies!!! lisa k in tx


Sounds like tons of fun!! Sure wish I was going with all of you!

With the new laws and all, hopefully everyone already has their PASSPORTS!!

Thanks for sharing the blog--it'll be fun to follow all your adventures even if I can't be there!

Wendi K

Wish I could go on the cruise, but no such luck. I do look forward to seeing some photos from there. Will we be able to get stamp sets at a later date, or are the exclusive to the cruise?


this is beautiful! looking forward to all the goodies we're going to get

Melanie Muenchinger

wow, that's HOT!!


Gina - will you be doing this cruise again next year? And if so, do you post the information on your blog? I would really love to go next year .....

Kim Forsyth

Wow, that's beautiful! I can't wait to see what ya'll have in store for us...

Fran Gumprecht

Beautiful sunset card and images! Can't wait to meet all you wonderful ladies! TFS


whatever it is - it's gorgeous! wow

Judith Novak

I'm looking forward to meeting and learning from everyone!

Debbie McKelvey

I love the colors, it does look like a sunset. You are such a tease, but we LOVE IT!! LOL Can't wait to meet you, Nichole and Emily not to mention all the ladies who will be stamping and cruising!

Laurie Weaver

Since many of us are not going and for future planning- will there be another cruise next year? if so that is what I am asking for for Christmas!

Debi T

I wish that I had known about this earlier. If you repeat the cruise, I would love to go next year. I assume you leave from someplace in Florida.

Kim Leach

Either way...it's all good! Very pretty, Gina...and looking so cozy warm....
Can't wait!!

Wendy Bond (joelysmom)

Seriously, we are all so excited about this cruise! Not only to meet you guys, cruise and now all the free stuff, life couldn't be more perfect!!! Well, maybe if like Brad Pitt or David Beckham was our cruise director! See you in 28 sleeps!

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