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September 24, 2008


Charmaine Ikach

That's a GREAT idea! I just may have to put together my own scrapbook on the go kit! :)


Even though I am not going on the cruise (bummer!!) I do hope you will share your completed scrapbook when you return. I can't wait to see your "style" in scrapbook form. Have a great time!

Wendy Peatross

What a fun idea. I hadn't seen this. Have fun on the cruise. I'll be wishing I was there.

Tricia T

This is such a great idea. It would even be fantastic to do this monthly, rather than just waiting for a special occasion. It would help make life seem more like an adventure as you watch for "souveneirs of your life". Can you imagine having a book like that from your grandparents or great-grandparents of their everyday life? What a treasure to hand down to your children someday! Definitely something I need to look into!

Pam I

Hi Nicole.
WOW - I love this idea - I am going on the cruise and I am now very motivated to do this too - since I still have not scrapped my Europe trip from 3 years ago.... it seems so time consuming now... I have always carried a small journal with me on trips to capture thoughts, moments etc. but I love the idea of just sitting down, once a day, and putting those thoughts on the scrapbook right then. Since I have a digital camera I can even preview my shots from the day and pencil in which shot will go on a certain page. Woo Hoo!!! Thanks for a great idea.

I do have one question... how are you using the square punch?? It looks like a "peak a boo" item but my scrapbook pages would have something on the back already (Mine are one page scrapbooks that use both sides of the page...)

Can't wait for Cruisin' - So excited to see what you gals are preparing for us :-)
Pam aka AKiteFlyer

Julie Masse

Oh what a wonderful idea!!! I am definitely going to work on this! It reminds me when I first got married I used to keep a journal of every vacation we went on. I had a little book and tried to write each night what we had done. I also had one of those little Izone Polaroid cameras that takes 1x1.24 inch photos and you could get the film with adhesive backs - it was great to just stick in the journal!! I'll have to see if they still make the film! Thanks for the great idea Nichole! :)


I do believe I've been inspired to bring a scrapbook with me on board. Will either bring an unlined journal or some prefab 6x6 pages. Probably the journal, less hassle keeping track of pages and stuff. Plus I'll choose a few colors to use, and bring those inkpads and cardstock (and ribbon - I can't go without my ribbon).

Just imagine the possibilities for when we get our goodies bags: I could stamp my heart out in my stamp cruise scrapbook using the new fun stuff! There's something matchy-matchy in the whole concept that satisfies my obsessive little heart.

Charlene Austin (Willow01)

23 MORE SLEEPS!!!!!!!!


Debbie McKelvey

I love the idea of writing something each night so you don't forget all the fun things. I picked up a journal while I was in England halfway through my trip. I just couldn't get into it because I didn't start from the beginning, but this is a great idea. Not sure if I want it as my scrapbook as much as my memory reminder for doing a scrapbook when I get home. I have to have things just so, yes, okay, I'm picky and anal about things! LOL I will work on that. However this may help break me out of my picky self!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! Thank you SO much for sharing it! I am always saving brochures, getting postcards and saving other little remnants of vacations with my Hubby, but never getting around to scrapping it. This just may be the ticket for me! I wasn't able to cruise this year, but I will certainly try this on my next getaway!


Sounds like a great idea... can't wait to see how it turns out.



Would you mind sharing your finished book with us? I'm dying to see how it came out! :D

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