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September 17, 2008



Woo! Hoo!

Julie Masse

I AM SO EXCITED!!! Cannot wait cannot wait!! Thanks for the updates! :)


Wow! Wonderful surprises in all those boxes! Free stamps!!!??? What a great price!!

Deb Else

Yippee-free stamps! Excitement-growing daily!


This is so great Nichole! Thanks for all the exciting information :-) I am so looking forward to a week of getting away with my sister...taking in the sun...and stamping!!

Jean in NH



Lisa K

I have been a single mom for a month now (dh is traveling for work) so I am so in need of some R&R, stamping and some fruity drinks!!! Yeah!

Christie Ortman

Omgoodness! I am so excited! I am really looking forward to the R&R with DH but also very excited to see some old friends, meet some new ones and learn some new stamping things!!

Charlene Austin (Willow01)

HOLY HANNA MONTANA!!!!!! EEEEK!! I seriously am freaking out. Oh I wish I was there helping you with all those class kits. I am off for the next 4 days~~~shall I book a flight?? :)

Charlene Austin (Willow01)

Oh and there is no question I am most looking forward to meeting you and so many wonderful people and creating fantastic friendships!!


I seriously think Charlene is going to pee her pants when she meets you! That is all she talks about! We are all excited actually and can't wait to meet you and for the free stuff...the cruise is just an added bonus!

Wendy Bond (joelysmom)

Oh ya, the projects too! Really, 10 just from you! I think I might need another suitcase!

Julia Spendlove

Hey! Are there anymore openings for this cruise? Email-julze11@cox.net. Thanks! Julia


So jealous! I SO wish I could go! ;) Have a blast, everyone!


I can't wait, I am beyond excited. :)

Eleanor Jenkins (aka nana jenkins)

Oh my! The goody bags sound "great"! I can't wait to meet you three, do some projects, and go on the excursions! I have always wanted to do a cruise and now I get to stamp and cruise! Heaven! can't wait!

Debbie McKelvey

Everything sounds wonderful and how generous you ladies are with the goodies!! I am so excited to be traveling with the 3 best Stamping Divas of all time in one of the most beautiful ships to gorgeous locations!!! I am excited to meet all the other stamping ladies and learning new things. I am excited to be traveling with my hubby even if he's not a stamper!! I am excited about it all!! Can't wait to meet you all!

Sharyn Davis

I just found out about the cruise, I am so excited for those able to go!

I want to be on the list for next year if you do it again, ok?

Charmaine Ikach

I am SO excited! So exciting to actually meet everyone and, of course, to stamp away! :) Thanks for the teaser!

Chris Mott

What fun!! Wish I was going on the cruise! Love the sneak peeks!

Kim Leach

I CANNOT possibly get more excited! Thanks for all you are preparing...it will be WAY worth it when you see all our smiling faces as we enjoy stamping heaven up close and personal!!
Kim Marie

Jessica Kuzelka

I'm unable to go this year. I hope you are planning another cruise for next year. I don't want to miss it! PT, GK & EB are my favorite stamp companies and the thought of getting to stamp with all 3 of you together makes me want to sing :) PLEASE plan another stamping vacation with the 3 of you. It doesn't have to be a cruise either. I'll go somewhere stateside too!

Have fun!!
Jess k

southwest travel

That was really great, but the article is already running out of time. I'm looking forward for more of your trip updates and the changes for this year and the coming years ahead.

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