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October 07, 2008



Does the black ink have to be memento? Will another brand of ink work? What does it have to be safe for? (i.e. watercoloring, copics, etc...) I don't have that exact brand but do have several others so want to check before I go out to buy yet another black ink pad...


Charmaine Ikach

So excited! I can't believe it's two weeks away already!

Gina K.

We would recommended Memento ink because it works for both copics and pencils and OMS. If you have your favorites for those two mediums, bring what you have. We're not sure if there will be the ability to heat set at every class.
Hope that helps.

Eleanor Jenkins (aka nana jenkins)

Will one of you be bringing OMS? I can bring my pencils but am afraid the OMS will leak! If you do bring it, would we be able to use it when we aren't in class? I love the pencils that Gina sells.

Janis L U

I have a question. What does OMS stand for?


Gina thanks for the updated list, it is greatly appreciated.

Janis L U

I figured it out. I am half asleep so the initials did not click. For those of you who are wondering how to carry it with you - the following website has an excellent idea on how to store the OMS -http://sweetmissdaisy.typepad.com/sassy_sweet_notes/tips_tricks/index.html

Wendy Bond (joelysmom)

Ok, I know now I need another suitcase!!! I am sooo excited....eeeek!!


Alright I give in - what in the world is OMS? (I tried followed Janis's link and still couldn't figure it out.)

SOOOOOOO looking forward to the cruise!!!!

Pam I

Gina - thanks so much for the list.
2 questions:

1. Do we need to bring our own acrylic blocks? If so - what size(s) should we bring? How about craft tweezers? I sometimes use them for picking up small details - or even for mini glue dots.

2. Will the small paper cutter be just for trimming small items - or do I need to be able to cut 8-1/2 x 11 or 12 x 12 paper for cards? I have one that is only about 6" long and 3 in" wide or I have my fiskars that can cut up to 12". Not sure which one we need.

Thanks again - CAN'T WAIT - woo hoo!

Gina K.

OMS is Odorless mineral spirits and yes, we will have some with us. :)

Gina K.

Acrylic blocks- I would bring a small assortment for words, greetings and stamps up to about 3" X 3". We will have some blocks but if you're doing any other stamping other than in class or you don't like to wait, bring a few extras.

The small paper cutter should be fine. I will have a big one in my classes but everything is precut except a couple of projects, but the cutting is small enough that your smaller fiskars cutter should be fine.


Hi there,

I was wondering... will anyone be selling the Memento Pads on the ship? I have looked high and low here in Edmonton (Canada) and can not find Memento.

Thanks ever so much!

Gina K.

We will not be bringing any products to sell, but we have a few extra things for use during class for those who can't find something before hand.

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